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Natural Gas Programs

YES will perform a natural gas analysis of your facility, review your alternatives and assist you in selecting the best available Lakeshore Energy Natural Gas supply program available. For larger customers with multiple facility locations or meters, we can customize a program for you.

Customer Choice Programs:
Natural Gas Customer Choice is a program put forth by the local gas Utility and your State’s Public Service Commissions that allows all natural gas users – residential, commercial and industrial – to choose an Alternate Supplier and to receive your natural gas from them, instead of your gas Utility.

Programs Available in the following Michigan Utilities:

  • MichCon / DTE
  • Consumers Energy
  • Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU)

Programs Available in the following Ohio Utilities:

  • Dominion East Ohio (DEO)
  • Columbia Gas of Ohio (COH) pending

There is a variety of Customer Choice program pricing styles to fill any user’s needs.

Managed Price Program:
This program offers a professionally managed monthly price for all the enrolled customers, meaning the price per unit of natural gas may vary each month, similar to how your current monthly Utility rate changes each month. However, with this program, a professional Energy Manager (Lakeshore Energy) will purchase wholesale natural gas when “Value” exists in the market and then a common monthly price is provided to all customers in the Program. The goal of this program is to offer prices that are low and competitive.

Availability (Michigan): MichCon/DTE, Consumers Energy, SEMCO and MGU service areas.
Availability (Ohio): DEO

Fixed Price Program:
This program offers a guaranteed or fixed price that will be the same every month, no matter how much gas is used, for the length of your agreement. Great for price certainty and expense budgeting.

Availability (Michigan): MichCon/DTE and Consumers Energy service areas.
Availability (Ohio): DEO (At particular times)

We at YES believe in personalized service so please call or email us with any questions or to obtain updated pricing information on any of the Natural Gas supply programs. You will get a response back within 24 hours.

Phone:         586-566-2607
Toll Free:     888-YES-1399
Email:          YES Energy Services

With enrollment in any Customer Choice program the process is very simple and customer friendly. Your local Utility will still deliver your gas, you still pay your local Utility and your Utility will still handle all emergency services. The only change you will see is the new price on your monthly bill.

Gas Transportation Service:
This service is available to commercial and industrial customers that consume a large amount of natural gas. YES together with Lakeshore Energy, provides natural gas supply and management services to some of the largest commercial and industrial accounts and their aggregated facilities in Michigan and Ohio. In addition to supplying natural gas, the customer will receive account and storage management services and budgeting assistance. To receive a price quote or to learn more about the Gas Transportation services available to you please call 586-566-4785.

Yes Energy Services
Phone: 586-566-2607
Toll Free: 888-YES-1399