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Our Company:

  • YES Energy Services (“YES”) is an energy marketing and management company promoting “Energy Solutions’ for all users in Michigan and Ohio. Our portfolio of services include, but is not limited to:

* Natural Gas Supply and Management * Waste Oil Collection * Energy / Regulatory
Consulting * Utility Audits * Energy Audits * Budget Planning * Electric Reductions *

  • YES Energy Services is an exclusive marketer of natural gas for Lakeshore Energy Services, one of the largest retail suppliers of natural gas and a licensed alternate gas supplier in multiple utilities through MI and OH.

  • YES is the Energy Manager for a large array of natural gas users in Michigan and Ohio. Our services are available to all customers from residential to industrial, restaurants to property managers. Types of customers served:

Residential * Restaurants - Food Services * Apartment Complexes * Office Buildings * Chemical Companies
Heat Treating Services * Steel / Metals Industry * Manufacturing Plant * Warehouses * Arenas * Greenhouses
 Schools * Universities * Hospitals / Clinics * Automotive * Hotels

  • YES has marketing representatives in action throughout the Michigan and Ohio Utility areas. We are always looking to support new agents wanting to promote natural gas programs and other energy services. See our Job Opportunities page for more information

Our Mission:

  • To truthfully and honestly represent the programs we offer, providing the best available natural gas and energy services to all users throughout Michigan and Ohio
  • To continually provide experienced and professional Energy Management techniques and services to our current and future clients.
  • To assists others in effectively marketing natural gas services to clients.
  • To present other legitimate and cost effective energy saving opportunities and services to clients.

Our Services:

  • Natural Gas Supply: YES can supply 100% of a customer’s natural gas requirements through Lakeshore Energy, a State license Alternate Energy Supplier (AES). Whether used for heating, cooling, cooking or industrial needs, YES can direct you into the proper supply plan.

  • Waste Oil Collection: YES can arrange for your waste cooking oil to be collected. In fact, you may even be eligible to get paid for your waste oil.

  • Consulting Services: YES can assist you in dealing with the Utility and the Public Service Commission.

  • Utility Analysis: YES can analyze and record your gas and electric Utility bills. By keeping track of your monthly usage and your Utility cost, our clients can better manage their business, making them more cost effective. This service is free to customers purchasing natural gas through YES.

  • Energy Reviews: YES can help our clients reduce their natural gas and electric consumption by performing energy reviews. There are several facility additions that can reduce your energy cost.


Yes Energy Services
Phone: 586-566-2607
Toll Free: 888-YES-1399